Delta Gymnastics Senior Gymnaestrada

Team of the Year 2011
Delta Gymnastics Senior Gymnaestrada

In July of 2010, after fourteen years of practice and hard work, Delta Gymnastics was one of 10 teams selected at the Canadian National Gymnaestrada to represent Canada at the World Gymnaestrada on July 10 to 16th 2011 in Lausanne, Switzerland. The 21 gymnasts, coaches and managers are proud to be representing Canada, BC, Delta and Delta Gymnastics at this prestigious world event. Although the World Gymnaestrada equally promotes health, fitness and solidarity of all the participants, they focus on making the value and versatility of Group Gymnastics known all over the world, awakening people’s interest in movement and sports activities, presenting the newest findings and developing Group Gymnastics, as well as bringing men and women gymnasts from all over the world together in order to contribute to a better understanding between the nations.

Fourteen years ago, Coach Sherri Taylor at Delta Gymnastics asked Carlene Lewall if she could start a gymnaestrada team. At the time, the club had a core group of 8 gymnasts who trained all season and performed their routines at schools, gym meets and wherever they could find a suitable audience. Over the next few years, this team grew in size and their skill level became more refined. Eventually, Sherri promoted and organized a BC wide gymnaestrada which has expanded to become an annual weekend event with over 1000 gymnasts participating.

By the fall of 2005, the team was now very serious and dedicated. Michelle Hohne had come to Delta Gymnastics as the new coach and was equally passionate as Sherri Taylor about gymnaestrada. She recruited Danielle MacDonald to choreograph and train the team. Gymnastics skills were now combined with dance into an exhausting 15 minute group routine. Success followed. In July of 2006, the Delta Gymnastics team was one of 12 teams selected to represent Canada at the World Gymnaestrada in Dorbirn, Austria in July 2007.

Success has followed success. After 2007, the gymnaestrada team from Delta Gymnastics was inspired to work even harder in order to qualify for the World Gymnaestrada this July in Switzerland. The team from Delta Gymnastics is very proud to be representing Delta and Canada. They have worked hard, practicing long hours while developing teamwork, skills, fitness and friends, and working together cooperatively to achieve their goals.