Burnsview Senior Girls

Team Of The Year 2012 - Soccer
Burnsview Senior Girls

The Burnsview Senior Girls soccer team marched into the 2010 Provincial Championships and had to introduce themselves to every team they played. “Burnsview, where’s that?” coaches and spectators would say, particularly when they played in the final game with the media present. The team was unknown, despite an incredible record during the season and a first place finish in the Fraser Valley Regional play-offs. The success of the 2010 Provincial victory in Kamloops brought attention and recognition to an amazing group of Delta athletes. Beyond sheer talent, Burnsview has been blessed with players who possess the intangible qualities that coaches love: respect, support and enthusiasm.

The team has a drive that shows both on and off the pitch. Their forward’s vision and quick decision making under pressure are the perfect embodiments of Burnsview’s style. With an ever-aggressive defence added to the mix, “they make each other better and stronger. ” says Coach Mary Ferguson.

The title “defending champion” carries with it a different level of pressure. Several weeks into the 2011 season, the girls travelled to the University of Victoria to compete against twenty-four of the best double and triple A teams in the province. To the surprise of many on the Island and here on the mainland, Burnsview came home with the first place trophy. After another victory against Pitt Meadows in the Fraser Valley Championships, there were definitely higher expectations going into the 2011 Provincial Tournament in Burnaby. If nothing else, the players’ expectations of themselves had changed. Such dialogue certainly had the players wanting and anticipating another run for the cup. The girls delivered another spectacular tournament result, winning the 2011 Provincials and remaining the defending champions. The Burnsview Senior Girls soccer team became the 2010 and 2011 Provincial winners!

Burnsview Senior Girls Soccer team won the 2012 Fraser Valley Regional tournament earning their school a third banner and another attempt for the Provincial cup.